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How to Makeover Your Smile Affordably?

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You know you want to improve your smile a bit, but you can’t afford to spend a fortune, so is it possible to makeover your smile affordably? Provided your teeth are generally healthy and strong, and you don’t need any extensive restorative treatments, several affordable procedures can brighten your teeth, making them look more attractive, so they gleam with good health. Your first step is to choose your NYC cosmetic dentist with care.

Making Sure You See the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is a real art, and while most general dentists will provide a good range of cosmetic dental procedures, it may not be their passion. Make sure you choose an NYC cosmetic dentist who has considerable experience in this field. Check on their website to see their qualifications and details of cosmetic dental courses attended, and a smile gallery is always a good indication if they can do what you want.

A smile gallery shows before and after photos of real patients and can show you what is achievable. A dedicated cosmetic dentist blends the latest techniques and materials with artistic ability, creating a unique smile for every patient.

What to Expect When You See a Good Cosmetic Dentist?

When you see a good cosmetic dentist, you can expect them to examine your mouth carefully. They will make sure your teeth are generally in good condition and that you don’t have any signs of disease that would require treatment before you can have a smile makeover.

Once they have assessed your dental health, they should spend a while talking with you about your desires for an affordable smile makeover and what you’d like to achieve. It’s also important to discuss your budget and when you like to complete your smile makeover. Often, people contemplate having a smile makeover in preparation for a special event such as a milestone birthday or another happy occasion. Based on your needs and desires, your cosmetic dentist can devise a suitable treatment plan.

What Is a Treatment Plan?

Your treatment plan is a blueprint to getting a smile makeover affordably. It will include details of all treatments your cosmetic dentist recommends, the time needed to complete them, and the costs.

Once you have your treatment plan, your cosmetic dentist should explain every option carefully. It is not unusual for there to be more than one treatment choice where the materials used and the techniques differ slightly, affecting the price but also affecting the treatment’s longevity. Listen to their explanations carefully and make sure you ask any questions if you don’t quite understand something. It’s your dentist’s job to make sure you have all the information needed to make an informed choice about your treatment.

How Can I Tell If Smile Makeover Procedure Is Right for Me?

If you require quite a substantial smile makeover involving multiple teeth, it can be difficult to tell how your teeth will look once treatment is complete. Some dentists in Downtown Manhattan use mockups, where they take a dental impression of your teeth, create a model, and change the model to show how your teeth will look once your treatment is complete.

It can be a great way to see if a treatment will achieve the desired effect, and it allows you to have your say in whether you’d like certain teeth slightly longer or shorter, or bigger or smaller, and to discuss the color of your teeth.

Digital Smile Design

Another possibility is Digital Smile Design, which is becoming increasingly popular. With Digital Smile Design, your cosmetic dentist Dr. Shalman takes photographs and a digital scan of your teeth and combines both to create detailed digital images that they can then manipulate to show how your new teeth will appear. Some dentists including Dr. Shalman may offer this service during your initial consultation.

Which Treatments Might Be Used during an Affordable Smile Makeover?

Several treatments might be suitable, but the most popular include teeth whitening and dental bonding. Before you begin any treatment, it is almost certainly worth having your teeth cleaned professionally by the hygienist at your dental practice.

Dental Hygiene Appointment

Professionally cleaning your teeth removes all the plaque and tartar buildup that can discolor teeth, especially around the margin where your teeth meet your gums. Some people might find this to be all they need to make their smile sparkle more and are happy with the outcome. Others will want to improve the overall color of their teeth and will investigate teeth whitening procedures.

Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available and is very affordable, but it is always best to have your teeth whitened professionally. It is far safer and more effective than using anything over-the-counter.

Your cosmetic dentist Dr. Shalman can examine your teeth, discuss why they have discolored, and how best to whiten them. Most times, the tooth stains are on the surface and can be removed during a professional tooth whitening treatment such as Zoom or KoR seal whitening.

Your teeth are painted with whitening gel during this procedure, which is light-activated to help it penetrate teeth more easily, removing deep-seated stains. Afterward, you can expect your teeth to look several shades brighter.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a great treatment if you have some worn down or chipped teeth, or which aren’t quite the right shape or too small. It can also be used to close or reduce gaps between teeth and change the alignment of teeth that might be only slightly crooked and where orthodontics isn’t really necessary.

The process uses tooth-colored composite resin applied directly to your teeth before it is hardened, shaped, and polished by your cosmetic dentist in Downtown Manhattan, Dr. Shalman. The composite resin is extremely lifelike, and most likely, Dr. Shalman will use several shades to get the desired effect.

It is a treatment that can be completed in one visit and is very affordable. Cosmetic dentists often suggest dental bonding instead of porcelain veneers because it is more cost-effective and achieves excellent results. Composite resin won’t last as long as porcelain, but it should be several years before you need to replace bonded areas.

These three treatments can lift the appearance of your teeth considerably and affordably. If you are looking to make greater changes to the appearance of your teeth, ask your cosmetic dentist Dr. Shalman in Downtown, Manhattan for further advice and pricing.

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