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Extensively trained and vastly experienced, Alex Shalman, DDS is a family dentist operating a boutique dentistry practice in Downtown Manhattan, serving the Lower Manhattan, West Village, East Village and Chelsea neighborhoods. Dr. Shalman is also a talented cosmetic dentist, so he looks after your appearance as much as your oral health. For the best dental care in New York City, call Dr. Shalman for an appointment.


Dr. Shalman made my dental visit about as enjoyable as a dental visit can be. His ability, personality, chairside manner, staff, and general feel of his office made for a great experience. Would give more stars if I was able!

Brian W.

Who Is Dr. Alex Shalman?

When it comes to keeping your teeth as healthy as possible, the best family dentist for you is also the best cosmetic dentist in Lower Manhattan. Dr. Alex Shalman is a fifth-generation dentist from a family deeply rooted in the field of dentistry for 100 years. Nicknamed the “Artist of the Smile,” he understands that the healthiest smiles are also the most attractive.

He founded a boutique dentistry practice in Lower Manhattan to share his expertise. Passionate about aesthetics and reconstructive dentistry, Dr. Shalman provides personalized dental services in a comfortable environment. A top cosmetic dentist who cares about your oral health, he performs orthodontic procedures with the same panache as a teeth cleaning.

Dr. Shalman is a board-certified dental practitioner. He is well-known as a best-in-class dentist who provides highly personalized and comprehensive care while staying up to date on the latest advances.

What Does Dr. Shalman Do Differently?

You can expect consistent, high-quality dental care in a relaxing setting at Dr. Shalman’s boutique dental practice in New York City. Your needs are met with options to make your visit as comfortable as possible. At your first meeting, you gain an appreciation of the level of detail that Dr. Shalman brings to his practice. His standard of personalized care includes:

  • Spending quality time listening to your dental complaints and wishes
  • Asking the right questions to get to the heart of an issue
  • Answering your questions fully and satisfactorily
  • Explaining in detail your custom treatment plan
  • Quelling any fears you have about your treatment


  • NPI: 1518391960
  • Specialty: Dentist - General Practice (1223G0001X)
  • License: 22DI02548100
  • Practicing from: 2013
LinkedIn Profile Dr. Shalman’s vast training and experience

When you visit a boutique dental practice, you’re not treated as a customer; you’re given the time and attention you need to feel cared for. Given Dr. Shalman’s vast training and experience, you can feel confident in a successful outcome, whether you’re getting a:

Having a top family dentist at your side ensures better overall treatment because he keeps an eye on your appearance while caring for your oral health. This is especially important when you or someone in your family is seeking advice for dentures vs. implants or Invisalign vs. traditional braces.

Why Should I Choose A Boutique Dental Practice?

Personalized dental care is what sets a boutique dental practice apart. While traditional dental clinics are effective means for treating problems such as tooth pain, a boutique dentist like Dr. Alex Shalman brings his impressive talents to bear on your looks as well as your health. When you visit a cosmetic dentist who’s also your family dentist, your benefits include:

  • Knowing Your Smile Is Clean And Bright

  • Gaining More Confidence In Your Life

  • Living Longer By Smiling More

Dr. Shalman takes the time to truly understand what you need and what you want from your smile. Whether you want to replace a missing tooth or straighten your teeth using the Invisalign process, your top dentist is always ready with suggestions. Customized plans to treat your teeth allow you to regain more confidence in your smile.

Years of experience in dentistry

How Did Dr. Shalman Become A Top Family Dentist?

Dr. Shalman has spent years studying the science behind healthy-looking teeth. A study from the Wayne State University shows that people who smile broadly live on average seven years longer than those who don’t. So his interest in dentistry stems from an innate desire to help you live a full, long life. Dr. Shalman’s path to become a respected dentist included:

  • Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ
  • Completing a Master of Science degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • Earning a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree with honors in Aesthetic Dentistry from the NYU College of Dentistry
  • Studying for two additional years at the Postgraduate Dental Implant Program at NYU’s College of Dentistry

But he didn’t stop there

His obsession with dentistry led him to pursue research opportunities in the latest cutting-edge innovations in dentistry. The focus of this research centered on the designs of porcelain veneers and the implementation of Invisalign teeth straightening. He continues to keep abreast of the latest developments in family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

Currently, Dr. Shalman holds a teaching position at the NYU College of Dentistry and an advisory position at the NYU Aesthetics Society. He routinely participates in the University Relations Committee at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. A cosmetic dentist who also practices family dentistry, Dr. Shalman wants you to smile without feeling self-conscious. Contact his practice today for an appointment.

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